Please go through our refund policy mentioned here below. This will help you to get acquainted with how we process and approved refund claims.

We encourage all customers/clients, business organizations, and firms that choose our services/products to promote their business activities. We appreciate them for relying on us. When you get started with us, we try our level best to meet your needs and ensure 100% satisfaction. We also take adequate steps to remove your legitimate concerns related to our products/services

However, there may be unexpected scenarios (such as flood, earthquake, fire, riots, or any other types of hurdles which are beyond our control) when we are unable to provide you the service/product purchased from us, we can entertain your claim for a refund under the following situations:

  1. A call for refund will be considered when you show us a clear and visible deficiency with the products/services purchased from us.
  2. When a customer pays us fully for a service/product and request for a refund, just because he/she is not willing to get the product/service anymore. The refund claim will not be considered if there is no fault from our side.
  3. If you generate a request for our products/services and make payment, your call for refund will not be entertained because of a sudden change of mind. We can provide you other similar services/products of equal value as per your desire.
  4. You can generate the request for a refund within XXY days after purchasing a service/product from us. The claim should be escalated to us via Email or any other communication channel. Any call for refund XXY days shall be deemed invalid and will not be considered.
  5. If we approve your call for a refund, it may take XXY days to process your request. The refundable amount will be credited to your bank account and you will get notified about it via Email and other channels too.


Note- Please provide days in place of bold letters as per needs.