Drafting of all applications/consent letters

To initiate and operate business activities, one needs to file applicants and agree to consent letters. We can help you in Drafting of all applications/consent letters, enabling you to choose rightful business partners and strike advantageous deals easily.

Drafting Of All Board Resolutions

Drafting of a resolution involves topics that are likely to be discussed seriously in a meeting of Board of directors and/or members of the company. It should have Clarity, Completeness, business Agreement details. Use our writing services to get All board resolutions written in a plain, simple, professional and clean-cut language.

Filing Of All The Relevant Documents With The Reserve Bank Of India

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is India’s central banking institution that controls the monetary policy of the Indian currency and performs several activities such as divergence in assessments of nonperforming assets, dealing with legal issues in bank frauds, consolidated accounting, supervision of financial institutions, etc. If you need to submit documents to the RBI, then contact us without any hesitation. We will accomplish the work rightfully and help to go ahead with your business activities.