Drafting of employment related documents

Employment Related Documents explain the terms, abilities, duties, responsibilities, duration of the job, non-compete issues, benefits, pay, out of pocket expenses, bonus etc, to your future employees.

Get in touch with us for the Drafting Of Employment Related Documents. We make sure that the terms of employment contracts signed with employees properly protect the company’s interest and also stay in compliance with numerous employment laws without any fail. In this regard, we offer various services, such as drafting of Model Employment Agreement, Model letter of appointment, Model terms of employment, Model termination letter, Model confidential and non-disclosure agreement, employee handbook / manual, Employee indemnity bond undertaking, and so on.

Drafting of employment/HR policy

By making use of our knowledge & experience in employment and HR, you can easily get the employment/HR policy for your business organization. It will help you to get drafted policies, procedures, guides, staff handbooks, and any other documentation that is likely to keep you on the right side of the law and get the best value from your employee.

Drafting of Sexual Harassment Policy

Due to the increasing cases of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace, the government of makes it mandatory for employers to provide a safe working environment to females, make employees aware of the consequences of involvement in sexual harassment and display the order constituting the Internal Complaints Committee.

So, are you looking for someone who could help you to draft your company’s policy against Sexual Harassment of employees as per the existing law? If yes, then contact us. We will help you to have a strict Sexual Harassment Policy for your company in accordance with the law.

Template Offer Letter

A good job offer letter template helps you to start with an emotion and makes it sure that you provide the relevant information to your potential employee. If you don’t use the Template Offer Letter may invite problems when you give employment offer letter to your employees. A good template offer later created by us will help you to make your employment Terms and conditions very clear and eliminate any possibility of confusion.

Template Of Employment Contract For Junior And Senior Management

Junior And Senior Management team play a significant role in business development and expansion. Just use our services for drafting Template Of Employment Contract For Junior And Senior Management and ensure your management team is aware of your company policies.