Regular & Continuous Secretarial Work

Secretarial routine nature work includes—

  1. Maintenance and updation of all statutory registers
  2. Preparation of Notice, Agenda, Attendance Sheet and Minutes of each Board Meeting, Committee of Directors Meeting (wherever applicable) and Shareholders Meeting
  3. Maintenance of Disclosures of Interest and Certificates for non-disqualification of every Directors
  4. Noting of business transactions requiring Committee of Directors/ Board/ Shareholders Processes like, Corporate Loans and Investments, Legal Agreements, Disclosure of Related Party Transactions, business tie-ups, etc.
  5. Adhering to compliances as mandatorily required under Secretarial Standards
  6. Liaisoning with Registrar or Regional Director to execute any services listed in this proposal
  7. Transfer/ Transmission of any shares excluding foreign investor
  8. Performing Annual Due Diligence in order to verify and remove any discrepancy noticed
  9. Half yearly review of Related Party Transactions/ Mapping
  10. Any Addition/ Deletion/ change of Designation in the present structure of Board and one level below the Board
  11. Any change of Auditor of the Company
  12. Compliances pertaining to issue and stamping of equity and debt instruments
  13. Any other regular and routine nature of secretarial compliances

Mandatory Statutory Filings

  1. Drafting of Directors Report based on financials provided, Annual Return, extracts of Annual Return
  2. Filing, certification and uploading of Annual Accounts and Annual Return with ROC excluding XBRL, which if required and agreed, will be charged separately
  3. Appointment of Statutory Auditor/Internal Auditor/Cost Auditor/Secretarial Auditor, wherever required.
  4. Certification and filing of any forms with Registrar which is required to be done as a part of Board or Shareholder process