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Complete one year of GST: Success,Failures and Next Agenda

Last year when the clock struck 12 at midnight proclaiming the start of the first day of July, the Indian Parliament in a special joint session formally announced the country’s move towards a unified tax regime in the form of the Goods and Service Tax (GST). The finance minister had warned about teething troubles in…

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Private Limited Company in India

A Private Limited Company as defined under section 2 (28) of the Companies Ordinance Act of 1984, which states: The number of maximum shareholders is 50 with a minimum of 2 shareholders and directors. Prohibits the initial public offering for making any pledge for the companies’ shares. It restricts the right of transfer of shares…

Limited Liability Partnership

A Complete Guide to Form a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

A firm formed by Limited Liability Partnership agreement is like a Traditional Partnership Firm but with Limited Liability. It has become a preferred choice of businessmen who, earlier used to register as partnership firms. It blends the benefits of a Traditional Firm (fewer regulations, more control), and that of a corporate entity (Limited Liability of…